Woke up to Snow!

I have just tweeted for the first time…I am no longer a twitter virgin! Some nonsense about snow making people go out and walk. Still don’t really get it, facebook is much more entertaining. But if it’s good enough for the likes of Jamie Oliver, Matt Baker and Lord Sugar, it’s good enough for me.

The snow was a big surprise this morning and it’s still lying there looking beautiful. I would post my latest snow painting but I am without my computer as our router has failed and I need to connect the new one. Writing this on Andrew’s computer.
I have finished my workshops for the time being. Not booking any new ones is a deliberate policy on my part. I want to see what I can do with my painting with no particular direction to follow, no subject to research, no workshop to prepare for. The readers of this blog are witnesses to my fate. Will I flounder and lose the will to live (paint)? Or will I lose myself in a surge of unparalleled and unimagined creativity? Hmmmm!
Watch this space….

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