Blackberries Painting demo in five stages

It’s my final studio workshop of the year this Saturday and we are going to look at blackberries and hawthorn growing in a hedgerow.

This isn’t the exact composition that I’ll be demoing at the weekend…I’m leaving that for the course members to see first! This is one I prepared earlier in the best Blue Peter tradition.
But people on Redbubble have shown an interest in my method of working and have asked about the different stages of the paintings, how I start the first wash, what I mask out initially and so on.
So here are the main stages photographed as I went along.
I lay a first wash, having masked out the areas that I want to preserve from the wash or keep as white paper until later. In this first wash, I set the scene and some of this first wash will not be covered with any more pigment but will stay as it is. I lay the paint down using my brush in a weaving action in such a way as to leave areas of light which hopefully will shine through later washes.
In the subsequent stages I work into this first wash, painting the negative spaces mostly, as if delving my way into the scene to find more and more depth.
Hope this helps anyone who wants to have a go at this type of watercolour painting. It’s fun, I love it!
(Scroll down to see the different stages and click on “Older Posts” if you get to the bottom of the page and want to see more.)

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