Photos for the SFP painters

I promised the ladies at the SFP workshop last Saturday that I would post the reference photos, so here they are. Hopefully you can print them out if you want to. The single flower images will give you an idea about the placement of the cast shadows on the petals. Essential in order to give the painting that sunny look.

2 thoughts on “Photos for the SFP painters”

  1. Thanks Ann – I am going to finish the painting I started on Saturday on the dodgy paper and then maybe do it all over again on some better paper!!
    I enjoyed the day very much and intend to carry on
    practising in the style you demonstrated.
    Jenny H


  2. Hi Jenny, Great, good idea. I'm glad you're going to keep painting in this way as I think you have an aptitude for it and you were so obviously enjoying yourself!
    Best wishes,
    Ann x


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