Upcoming workshop – 18 September Under the Oleander Tree

Here’s my painting of the subject for my next studio workshop. It’s from a photo of a courtyard in Crete lent to me by my wonderful friend Greta. It took quite a lot of painting! But that’s because I’ve done a very detailed study. Apart from the chairs, which need to be carefully depicted, I think it could be rendered much more loosely. I might have a go, but at the moment I’m all “oleandered” out!

I liked the subject because of the cast shadows on the floor and the little doorway leading ….who knows where? The chairs provide a centre of interest which then, hopefully, leads the eye to the doorway. I put in the pot in the foreground.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming workshop – 18 September Under the Oleander Tree”

  1. Hi Ann, I found you from Deborah's post of your link on her facebook fan page which led me to your blog and website, and I absolute am in awe of the details in your painting – shadows and lights – Gorgeous stuff!


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