Cromford in the news…it’s the place to be!

The watercolour painting courses I’m running next year in August and October are based in Cromford in the Derbyshire peak.

Was interested to see in the business section of the Times last Saturday that Emma Bridgewater (creator of the lovely pottery spotted mugs and cereal bowls and smart business woman ) is a trustee of Cromford Mill and The Arkwright Society. Remember Richard Arkwright was the

man who developed the first water powered cotton spinning mill at the time of the Industrial Revolution and the impressive mill he built in Cromford is still there.
I read in the Times article that Ms Bridgewater has kept her very successful multi million pound business as a sustainable family concern and has not sold out to venture capitalists. She feels that Britain needs the stability that this sort of family business encourages. Good for her!
The Arkwright Society that Emma is supporting hopes to develop the original mill buildings into an interactive heritage visitor centre and centre for community projects. Not hard to understand as the place is already home to various art studios and craft shops and is already thriving.
So people, this is the place to be! Another reason, if you needed one, to sign on for one of my courses. I felt very fortunate already to find a venue in such an interesting and beautiful part of the world and I’m really pleased that go ahead and socially conscious people like Emma Bridgewater are involved in the area and looking towards its further development.
There are two residential courses in 2011 at Alison House Hotel and Conference Centre, Cromford. Price for three days tuition and fully inclusive AA 4 star accommodation is £395.
Course 1 22 – 25 August 2011
Course 2 3 -6 October 2011
Please email me for further information. You can find my email address by clicking on “view my complete profile” below the “About me” section on the title page of this blog.

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