Late summer garden and hints of Autumn

Always on the lookout as I am for painting subjects, the changing seasons are ultra apparent to me. Even in my small garden, I can see the changes happening from day to day.

For instance the honesty is ready to harvest and prepare to display and paint from. I didn’t have any of this in my garden, even though I know it grows readily from seed, so I put this right this year and acquired some seed (thank you Margaret!) and bought some, and now I hope I will never be without a supply of those wonderful silvery, shot silk seed heads joined together with thin dark graphic stems that are just asking to be rendered in pen and inks. I take the outer skin of the seed heads off and leave one or two on for variety.
I haven’t got any teasels in the garden either so have just bought some seed for next year.
There are various berries starting to redden up on shrubs such as honeysuckle, hypericum and cotoneaster, and there are seed heads of nigella and poppy ripening up. It’s quite easy to collect a jug full of Autumn by just assembling a bit of each of these plants.
To get you (and me) in the mood, I have posted one or two photos of honesty. Also an Autumn painting from a while ago of a jug full of Autumn gatherings. Enjoy!

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