Beautiful Peonies

I’ve been looking at peonies as it’s been their time. They are hard to ignore being such extravagantly exuberant flowers. They’re not the most straightforward flower to paint, as they have complex petal formations but they do reward a bit of study as the huge flowers contrast so brilliantly with their rich dark blue green foliage. Here’s the photo I took in my friend’s garden. You need space for these shrubs and she has it aplenty. The photo is a crop of a larger one but I like the pattern the leaves make against the flowers and the edges of the picture. Plenty of scope for negative painting!!

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Peonies”

  1. Greetings Ann
    Found your painting blog this evening and thoroughly enjoying your beautiful art.

    I'm a retired chef and love Jamie Oliver ha!

    Saving your blog in our favourites to enjoy when we head south in a few weeks. Traveling to South Carolina on the US east coast for a few months of camping, hiking and painting….

    Presently it's – 6 C at the tip of the Northern Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

    Very interested in 2012 workshops. My email address is
    Christina MacLean


  2. Hi Christina,
    I was really pleased to read you warm message this morning. So glad you've enjoyed the paintings on the blog. Enjoy your trip, sounds fabulous! Will note your email for future workshops.
    Jamie Oliver! Yay!


  3. Enjoying your blog. I must stop reading soon and return to some of the step-by-step painting. Tree peonies! Amazing. I live in a new neighborhood and discovered one last week! Actually I was just passing by this house when I did a double take and reversed my steps! Up the walk I went to view this gorgeous thing. Back I went the next morning to take photos — hundreds. You are so generous, Ann. Thank you for all your work.


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