Painting holidays in 2011 at Alison House

Back to English now! The 2011 painting holidays at Alison House, Cromford are booking up nicely. For instance there are only a few places left in August. The second course is at the beginning of October when the Autumn colours and mellow tints will be starting to kick in but we should still have decent weather. Really looking forward to a few days of immersion in the peace and beauty of the Derbyshire countryside to think of nothing but painting. Scroll down on this blog to read more information or email me to find out more.

2 thoughts on “Painting holidays in 2011 at Alison House”

  1. Dear Ann Mortimer
    I was delighted to discover your blog online – we are launching Painting Holidays in Cape Town and I now know what a struggle it is to market such things. I am always afraid to sound like an advert in my blogs and you have given me inspiration! There don't seem to be many sites promoting them and so it really seems to be necessary to post things all over.
    I wish you all the best with your next course and enjoy the time painting in the meantime!
    Your paintings are lovely and yes, I will like you on Facebook so you can beat Jamie Oliver!! Warm regards, Karen Longden


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