Exercise bikes, sketch books and engaging artists

So what next? I try and start some days with some exercise to keep the incipient senility at bay! And that means half an hour on the exercise bike. For entertainment while I’m doing that, I have a television and video player. ( Oh yes, it’s cutting edge technology in our house.) My friend who is an avid collector of painting videos and DVDs has let me borrow some to play on my ancient machine.

I love watching artists paint and I find I get inspired to go and get to work myself. But most importantly it makes me forget how boring the exercise bike is!
So which artist makes the minutes fly by? Which artist makes me forget I am toiling my way up an imaginary hill? Who can have this wonderful effect? Lovely Hazel Soan, that’s who! It is she who is so engaging and interesting and enthusiastic that I have done my thirty minutes in no time at all.
Which brings me to the sketchbook page I have posted here. Today she was talking on the video about keeping a sketchbook and doing watercolour sketches on holiday. I have been inspired to do more sketching, ie. just celebrating the medium, celebrating the world around me without thinking of the end result or trying to fill an imaginary frame with a hoped for masterpiece. Watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Exercise bikes, sketch books and engaging artists”

  1. Love the sketchbook, I find some art Dvds send me to sleep. Agree about Hazel Sloan, she makes it look so easy and inspiring. I also like Pamela Kay's oil painting dvd and both of Ann Blockley's flower painting dvd's


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