Tree Peonies

I went straight into another watercolour of the tree peonies. Here it is. I was interested in the one that was back lit at the top. Love that contrast and translucency with the light shining through the petals and casting shadows within the flower.I feel I am getting nearer to the softness with contrast thing that these flowers require. Not easy to get the definition and keep them soft. It’s a case of… well, perhaps the photo did the job better! But such a great learning exercise about edges, soft shadows, and so on. I will take what I’ve learned on to future projects.

Beautiful Peonies

I’ve been looking at peonies as it’s been their time. They are hard to ignore being such extravagantly exuberant flowers. They’re not the most straightforward flower to paint, as they have complex petal formations but they do reward a bit of study as the huge flowers contrast so brilliantly with their rich dark blue green foliage. Here’s the photo I took in my friend’s garden. You need space for these shrubs and she has it aplenty. The photo is a crop of a larger one but I like the pattern the leaves make against the flowers and the edges of the picture. Plenty of scope for negative painting!!

Painting holidays in 2011 at Alison House

Back to English now! The 2011 painting holidays at Alison House, Cromford are booking up nicely. For instance there are only a few places left in August. The second course is at the beginning of October when the Autumn colours and mellow tints will be starting to kick in but we should still have decent weather. Really looking forward to a few days of immersion in the peace and beauty of the Derbyshire countryside to think of nothing but painting. Scroll down on this blog to read more information or email me to find out more.

Pour mes lecteurs francais…

Je sais qu’il y a des gens qui lisent ce blog qui sont francais. Je vous souhaite la bienvenue! Et en meme temps je m’excuse pour la traduction automatique que vous devez lire. Quel execrable francais! Je suis desole! Je veux simplement dire que j’aime beaucoup la France et sa langue et voudrais ecrire ce blog en francais aussi mais je n’ai pas assez de temps! Salut et j’espere que vous continuerez de me lire.