Nevada rose watercolour sketch

I’ve done this sketch on the back of an old painting, so it’s on decent paper. I wanted to try out the subject in a loose way. Doing this has made me look at the form of the flowers, helped me to decide whether to mask out the stamens (yes), and to check out the composition, and made me really look hard at the colours within the shadows. The jury’s still out as to what to do with the top right hand side background, whether to leave it emptier with less detail.

It would be great if you would tell me what you think. Feedback! An artist without feedback is like an egg without salt, or a kiss without a moustache (to misquote Guy de Maupassant…oh you get your culture here too, you know!) Speak to me people! I’d love you to leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Nevada rose watercolour sketch”

  1. Make the upper right simpler. Good choice, since that is what you have done. You could consider leaving the bottom rose in soft edges — at least I would like to see it that way –even tho the flower is close to the observer. Ann, you are so generous. Thank you.


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