Looking for Inspiration…

“Forget the techniques for a while, they should come naturally if not instinctively, and concentrate on the message. Your urge to communicate must be more dominant then the method used to get there.” Wise words from Nancy Tichborne, a New Zealand artist whose work I love.

It’s difficult sometimes to carry on expressing yourself through your art and sometimes you aren’t in the mood to think beautiful thoughts! So then you have to perhaps withdraw and ask yourself some searching questions. And perhaps give yourself a direction to go towards…and re examine your motivations and the message you are trying to put over.
As the above artist says in the same interview with Practical Painting in 2005, “there is no hidden meaning, no angst, no symbolism” in what I try to do.
I just love the light and am fascinated by how watercolour can explain the wonderful plays of light and dark in the natural world. I want to explore it and see how far I can go in using the medium to express these beautiful effects.
And what I’ve noticed is that the people who appreciate this medium most are those who have tried to use it themselves and KNOW how dynamic and fascinating and downright exasperating it can be!
The poppies are what I’ve been working on over the last few days. I was drawn to the light effect as always. I’m doing a looser, less controlled painting of the same subject at the moment.

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