Clematis Montana stage 1

Stage 1 Using masking fluid, I masked out the main flowers entirely, the stamens on some background flowers and some buds and stalks. This is part of the planning process that I to go through in order that the final painting will have the depth afforded by some flowers being uncovered by the first washes of paint that are laid down.

When the masking was completely dry, I prepared my colours in the palette ready for the first wet in wet wash. I needed pinks to wash over the flowers areas, siennas and greens and blues to drop in over the leaf areas. Then I wetted the paper with clean water, allowing the water to sink in to the paper for half a minute and then rewetting it.

I then dropped in my prepared colours and allowed them to mingle on the paper, picking up the board and moving it to encourage this. I then allowed the first wash to dry. Click on Older Posts for the next stage.

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