Clematis step by step

I promised Pat and the rest of the Solihull group that I would put the different stages of the Clematis painting on my blog so that they could finish their paintings, so here they are. Well done everyone…a good day’s work! Scroll down to see the reference photo.

From Bluebells to Clematis

We had an enjoyable workshop yesterday painting the bluebell wood. Everyone did so well even though it’s not the easiest subject. Keeping the delicious blues bright and clean is quite a challenge.

But it’s on to Clematis on a trellis next weekend. I have quite a few growing in my garden and their winding tendrils are starting to emerge, forging their way upwards. The evergreen Armandii is already in flower and the Montanas’ buds are just about to burst open. That’s Spring for you. There’s no holding it back.
The photo here is a ready made composition with the clematis flowers in a nice group of three. I’m going to paint them white though, as this blue (Daniel Deronda) is difficult to make emerge form the background. Unless you put in lots of cast shadows as in this painting.