Sunday morning after a workshop

I’m all anemonied out this morning! We had a good workshop yesterday. Feedback included words such as “intense” and “stretched”. Not surprising as they had a sketch book page of studies and a nearly completed painting to show for it. They did SO well.

My students know that they wont get an easy ride! But they do keep coming back. Hopefully lunch and a glass of wine and even hot cross buns at coffee time will have softened the blow.

As long as learning is taking place and questions are being asked and problems solved, I am happy.

Anemones Stage 1

The design was carefully drawn on to watercolour paper and then some flowers were covered with masking fluid to protect them from the background wash. The paper was wetted around the design and colours were dropped in and allowed to spread. I used aureolin, cobalt blue, winsor blue, winsor violet, viridian and cerulean. This was was allowed to dry completely. Click on “older posts” for next stage.