Clematis Montana Step by Step demonstration

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you this step by step demo of Clematis Montana growing outside the studio. You’ll be able to buy a fuller version as a hard copy later when I have produced it in time for the Patchings Art Festival in June (10 – 13 June ). The clematis isn’t in flower yet, because the cold weather has made everything about a month late this year but soon it will be everywhere, adorning fences, hedges and trellises like layers of pale pink lace.

The demo includes aspects such as laying a loose initial wash to set the scene and painting in the negative to bring out the flowers and leaves in successive layers of depth.

Spring is here!

The Spring daffodils are out and to celebrate here’s today’s rendition of an old favourite. Daffodils against a dry stone wall. These flowers are almost as enjoyable to paint as white flowers in that they contrast beautifully with their surroundings, often at this time of year rich brown earth, dark green ivy, or, in this case, mellow stonework.

Studio time and snoozing cats.

This week I’m in the studio doing some designs for Medici cards. It was nice to see one of my designs on sale as a Mother’s Day card. Not there anymore of course. It was here today and gone tomorrow. The card companies have to keep on their toes at this time of year…so no sooner is Christmas over than they’re into Valentines Day, then Mother’s day then on to Easter.

I had fun producing this vignette of a cat having a snooze. Felt quite calm after that!

Narcissi workshop at Lincoln

Twenty two people painted their hearts out at this workshop yesterday. They laughed when I said at the end “I’ve learned a lot today”, but it was true. They had tried some really beautiful techniques that made me look twice at what I was doing. Didn’t have my camera to take a photo of their paintings but each one was a different interpretation that showcased their personalities.

Sunday morning after a workshop

I’m all anemonied out this morning! We had a good workshop yesterday. Feedback included words such as “intense” and “stretched”. Not surprising as they had a sketch book page of studies and a nearly completed painting to show for it. They did SO well.

My students know that they wont get an easy ride! But they do keep coming back. Hopefully lunch and a glass of wine and even hot cross buns at coffee time will have softened the blow.

As long as learning is taking place and questions are being asked and problems solved, I am happy.